Dinners up!

Pan Roasted Duck Breast with Green Peppercorn Sauce


Duck breasts, whole 5 each

Vegetable oil 1 ounce

Shallots, minced 3 each

Garlic cloves, minced 3 each

Thyme leaves, fresh 1 teaspoon

Brandy ½ cupBeef stock or Demi-glace 3 cups

Heavy cream 2 cups

Green peppercorns, in brine 1 can

Kosher salt As needed / Black pepper, freshly ground As needed

Broccoli Polonaise

Broccoli, washed, trimmed, stems peeled 3 pounds

Garniture Polonaise

Butter 5 ounces

Bread crumbs 5 ounces

Eggs, hard-boiled, peeled, grated 5 each

Parsley, fresh, washed, chopped 2 ounces

Salt To taste / To taste White pepper, ground To taste / To taste Chicken Stock 2 cups

Rice with Mushrooms

Butter 1 ounce

Shallots, peeled, diced brunoise 4 ounces

Crimini Mushrooms, cleaned, sliced 10 ounces

Rice, long-grain 16 ounces

White chicken stock, seasoned, heated to a boil 1 quart image1-2Garnish as wanted


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