Venison Medallions with Forestière Sauce

With all this cold weather for those in the North Eastern Hemisphere, this next dish will definitely be the one to coat your stomach and warm up your body.

Venison Medallions with Forestière Sauce


Venison 1 each

Kosher Salt To taste /  Black pepper, freshly ground To taste

Oil 3 ounces

Butter, clarified 3 ounces

Brandy 3 ounces

Forestire sauce, heated to a boil 40 ounces

White bread 20 slices

Sauce Forestière:

Mushrooms 3 ounces

Butter clarified 1 ounce or as needed

Shallots peeled, chopped 1 ounce

Red burgundy wine 2 ounces

Demi-glace 1 pint

Salt To taste To taste / Pepper freshly ground To taste

Chef’s Notes:

Fortify the demi-glace by browning venison scraps in a sautoir. Add the chopped mushrooms and aromatics and continue with the recipe.

Game Marinade:

Shallots, chopped 2 ounces

Sherry vinegar ½ cup

Canola oil ½ cup

Garlic cloves, chopped 5 each

Whole grain mustard 1 tablespoon

Burgundy wine ½ cup