Stuffed Filet of Sole

From the Ingredients needed to prepare this delicious dish, to the steps in order to make this entrée complete.

Feature from a Culinary major at Johnson & Wales University.


Sole or flounder filets 3 pounds

Salt To taste / White pepper To taste

Sea scallops, chilled to 33°F ½ pound

Eggs, whole 2 each

Heavy cream 28 ounces

Chive, sliced very thin 3 tablespoons

White wine 16 ounces

Fish, lobster or chicken stock 16 ounces

Pernod 1 ounces

Shallots, rough chop 1 pound

Tomatoes, canned, concassé 1 ½ pounds

Tomato paste 2 tablespoons

Bay leaves 3 each

Black peppercorn 1 tablespoon

Whole butter 2 ounces


1.Gather all the ingredients and equipment.
2.Prepare court bouillon by heating 4 ounces white wine and 12 ounces of fish stock in pot with 2 ounces of shallots, bay leaf and peppercorn. Strain and reserve to poach the fish.
3.Prepare scallop forcemeat by pureeing scallops, then adding eggs, salt and pepper and ¼ cup of cream. Fold in the chives.
4.Season sole filets with salt and fresh white pepper.
5.Spoon 1 ½ ounces of mixture on each filet with the skinned side up. Roll each filet into Paupiette, like a jelly roll. Arrange neatly in a buttered ½ hotel pan. Keep cold.
6.In a stockpot, reduce tomato concassé, pernod, remaining wine, and shallots until almost dry. Add cream, tomato paste and simmer for 10 minutes. Emulsify with hand blender. Strain for an elegant, classic presentation. Hold in sauce pot.
7.Ten minutes before service begins, bring court bouillon to a simmer and add to the pan with fish paupiettes. Cover with buttered cartouche. Poach fish covered in the oven until an internal temperature of 135°F is reached. Keep warm until service.
8.Transfer 1 – 2 cups of poaching liquid to tomato sauce. Bring to simmer, adjust consistency with beurre manie . Whisk in whole butter.
9.Brush exposed tops of fish with a little whole melted butter to retain moisture.



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