Pumpkin, olive, fetta and sundried tomato muffins (GF)

I Need a Feed!

pulled pork 2

Hello, hello, hello! It’s been a hectic week and weekend, and is at last slowing down! Yesterday was the hens night for my good friend Emma, and as her maid of honour I was determined to make it a good one. I was so thrilled to see all her friends coming along to the high tea part of the event, having fun with all the games. I know my sides still hurt from laughing over one game in particular! Who would have thought newspaper dresses could be so hilarious! But the rest of me is sore in general, as the last part of the hen’s night was an amazingly fun salsa dance class. I had an absolute blast, and Emma looked stunning!

Now. I have seen this all-things-pumpkin-craze sweep across the internet several times before. But I have never been all that keen to take part. I have eaten pumpkin pie and…

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