Romaine Lettuce


From fresh salads, using as a garnish, tacos, or even a smoothie, romaine is full of so many nutritious values that many don’t know of! Crisp romaine lettuce is a highly nutritious leafy green to use in a green smoothie. Romaine has a mild flavor that is easily masked by fruit, so it’s perfect if you’re new to green smoothies or making it for picky eaters.

Hidden facts on Romaine

  1. Protein – Believe it or not, romaine lettuce is 17% protein with 7.7 grams per head. It is also contains all 9 essential amino acids, 9% RDA of some and up to 26% RDA of others.
  2. Calcium – One head of romaine has 206 milligrams (mg) of calcium (about 21% RDA). Blend it with calcium rich fruits like papaya and oranges and you’ll get more calcium than a glass of milk!
  3.  Omega-3s – One head of romaine lettuce contains 44% RDA of Omega-3 essential fats.
  4. More Vitamin A Than An Carrot. One head of romaine contains 182% RDA of vitamin A (as beta-carotene) while a large carrot contains only 40%.
  5.  Iron- Onehead of romaine contains 6mg of iron, which ads a significant source of iron to the diets of vegetarians and vegans.IMG_9443.jpg