Dinner in SOHO

Recently met up in the City that never sleeps with a very good colleague of mine for Dinner & Dessert. With there being thousands of options of where to go in New York City we originally chose this famous burger joint, but our stomachs couldn’t stand the wait. With that being said, we finally found our selves in SOHO, NY and stopped by David Burke Kitchen. Taking full advantage of the weather, we chose a table on the roof. My colleague recently worked as a chef at David Burke Kitchen so we immediately felt welcomed and the dishes just kept coming. For myself, I tend to not order a fish dish when drinking alcohol, just incase I get sick in any way. However, when at David Burke Kitchen and the chef is bringing out the amazing table share dishes, you have no choice but to eat every bit of it. For our entrees, I choice the Coffle Road Farm Chicken Breast which came with local organic rice pilaf, Brussels sprouts, cranberries, charred scallion, and a hand poured rosemary ginger broth. My colleague chose the Head on Prawns, Manila Clams & Mussels which was served in a bowl along with octopus, fennel, garlic, baby corn, white wine, old bay spice, with a side of grilled bread. With the wine and fish juices leaving a broth behind, this paired greatly with the grilled bread. From what I remember, there was also some chopped up red skin potatoes in the bowl as well! Before these amazing dishes arrived, we were served several table share dishes and starters. From the Lobster Toast, the Tots & Caviar to the delicious Baby Beets & Citrus Starter dish. Later finding our selves in the middle of SOHO ready for some dessert and found the closest thing to us … Dominique Ansell Bakery. Where we indulged in roasted s’mores which were hand roasted and stuffed with a vanilla ice cream! Definitely had a successful day in the city and will be back very very soon! Would like to thank the team at David Burke & Kitchen for an amazing dinner and hospitality! Make your reservation today, you won’t regret it!

David Burke Kitchen MENU

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