Stay Hydrated

Ever feel like after running around all day you seem to forget to drink water? When it comes to staying hydrated, we all know that the main key is to drink plenty of water and that alternatives include electrolyte drinks. Sources say a gallon of water a day is the proper amount to take in a day. Other sources say more than a gallon is needed. In reality who really wants to make sure they intake a gallon a day? With everyone’s busy scheduale worrying about our water intake is another job for us at the end of the day. Stop fussing over how much water you’re taking in & change it up! Switch to food! Yes, that’s right, FOOD! Everyone’s favorite, sometimes deadly choice. However by food i don’t mean by having four cookies a day you’ll stay hydrated. There’s five fruits and vegetables that will help you stay hydrated just as well as water does!


  1. Cucumber

    Rumor has it according to the USDA Food Composition Databases, cucumbers (with the peel) contain over 95% water! A perfect snack for that extra boost of hydration. Of course, you can combine it with your water for a refreshing beverage for after your long run, this is also called a detox drink.

  2. Apples

    There is nothing better than taking a bite of a juicy apple. Though they don’t offer a lot of essential nutrients, apples are 85 percent water. If you aren’t into eating them whole, pick up some applesauce to get in some extra hydration. Just make sure to check the nutrition label and check that it doesn’t include a lot of extra sugar.

  3. Watermelon

    Everyone’s favorite summer fruit! This one is kind of obvious, as it does have ‘water’ in its name, but watermelon are made up of 91 percent water. Even better? It has been found that watermelon can be used as a post-exercise snack to help with soreness.

  4. Carrots

    Not only will carrots give you a big dose of Vitamin K, it turns out they are 88 percent water. They last in the refrigerator for several months, meaning it is easy to always have some on hand.

  5. Tomatos

    Tomatoes are made up of 94 percent water, making it a great option to throw on a salad for a little bit of extra water. Tomato sauce is another great way to get in some added hydration.