No Worries Mon!

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Worries Mon!

It was a great summer night to celebrate a birthday with some Rum Punch and good food over at Rumba in Hampton Bays! Everytime I blinked there was either a new face at the table or a new pitcher of punch filled and ready to pour (I’m not complaining)! For those who have never been to Rumba, the options range from outdoor seating on the deck with the water front view, or the inside Jamaican theme seating. Still not happy with these options? There’s even an old fashioned bus parked out back renovated and ready for you to enjoy your dinner and drinks! My favorite part about this hot spot besides the punch, the options there is to get to Rumba. You may choose the basic way, meaning drive to the restaurant and park, or park over at Cow Fish (another amazing resturant) take the Rumba shuttle bus over, OR park at Cow Fish & take the Rumba Boat over to the resturant! Which is what my friends and I did last night. Free of charge as well. Who can complain about that!

Let’s talk food!

After four pitchers of Sangria & Rum Punch later, it was time to eat! Personally I’ve been to Rumba before so i knew how good certain dishes already where … (fish tacos) … and I noticed EVERYONE at the table where all getting a variety of the tacos they serve, so I wanted to switch it up! So after enjoying their delicious signature guacamole, mango papaya honey salsa with fresh chips, it was time for the entrée. I laughed after reading that what i had ordered as a entree was a salad. Because the size and ingredients it came with made it no regular salad, let’s just say that. This “salad” that I’m speaking about is their Caribbean Noodle & Steak Salad. Topped with, Calypso steak, pancit noodles, cabbage, mango, herbs, avocado, toasted coconut, peanuts, sriracha lime vinaigrette! Still think it’s a salad? Let the pictures speak for itself!

Check out Rumba when in the area! Even if it’s just for drinks!

Make your Reservation Today!

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