Juniors Restaurant & Cheesecake

When in BK …

Recently had an amazing trip into Brooklyn, NYC & stopped over at Juniors Restaurant & cheesecake in downtown Brooklyn. The menu was so overwhelming, the first thing i had to get was a mimosa. They yet again won me over when they left the mini bottle of what was left for the drink at the table for when needed (It was needed). When out to restaurants like Juniors, i always try to have something i never get anywhere else. However once i saw one of my favorites on the menu i had no other choice but to get that. That being, the Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with fried onions with a side of steak fries & cole slaw. I went to Juniors with my mother & sister & of course my mom got her favorite & Juniors Famous Ruben Sandwich which was so filling she had to bring the rest of it home. My sister choice the Tai Chicken salad which tasted like heaven & yet again was so filling and so much to eat she brought hers back home as well. Definitely a hot spot to visit when in the area. Oh yea & their desserts … order that first before you’re too full to order something because it’s definitely worth skipping breakfast for a slice of cheesecake when at Juniors!


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