Acai Bowls

Super Bowls

This summer was all about the Acai Bowl. It doesn’t matter where you go, however if you’re near a place that is about eating healthy and serves fresh produce I’m sure they sell them. Fun for everyone, full of flavor, yet healthy as can be … until you top it off with whipped cream. While I’m back in my hometown I always try to visit one of my favorite spots that mainly only serve Acai Bowls. Personally it’s just pointless to go there if you don’t get one. They start you off with the basic puree mixture and the options are endless from there! This place I’m referring to is Super Bowls in Sayville, NY. Like i said, it’s near my home town so it’s easy to get to, don’t push yourself coming from states away when there’s most likely a place by you that serves this delicious yet healthy treat!

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Yes this is the largest option that Super Bowls offers & i wouldn’t recommend this size to everyone! I had to finish mine at home. It’s topped with extra granola & pineapple, hemp seeds, fresh strawberries & slices of banana.