What’s in Season?

What’s in Season?

With summer coming to an end, you may think it’s time to close up your gardens for the season. But wait! If you live anywhere north & near the cold with a chance of snow it’s still possible to bring in those fresh vegetables & tasty produce! Don’t have a garden? It’s not too late! 

Broccoli – Broccoli seedlings should be planted 10 weeks before the first frost date in your area.  Feed the plants 3 weeks after transplanting into the garden. 70 days to maturity.

Brussels Sprouts – Brussels sprouts are a no brainer for fall gardens because they really taste the best when allowed to mature in cooler weather. Set the plants out in mid-summer because it will take about 3 months before the sprouts appear. They are ready for harvest when they are firm and green. 90 days to maturity.

Cabbage – Plant seedlings 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost. If the heat of summer is still intense when it’s time to plant in your area, give the plants protection from sun. Cabbages are heavy feeders that require fertile soil and consistent moisture. 70 days to maturity.

Cauliflower – Plant seedlings 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost. Cauliflower can be tricky to grow. Rich soil and consistent watering are the keys. 60 days to maturity.

Lettuce – Sow seeds in late summer. Provide the seedlings with consistent moisture and shade from the afternoon sun. 45 to 60 days to harvest depending on type and variety.

Radish – Sow seeds for radishes 4 weeks before the first frost. They should be sown about 6 weeks before the first frost. This veggie is easier than the rest, no feeding necessary, but soil should be fertile and well drained. They are quick to mature so check them regularly. They are ready to harvest as soon as they are of edible size. 25 to 50 days to maturity depending on variety.

Spinach – Sow seeds 5 weeks before first frost date. Growing spinach in the fall is a better idea rather than the spring. An established spinach crop will last well into winter and can survive temperatures down into the 20s. Crazy right?

O … and Pumpkins of course! What’s a fall garden without a pumpkin! 

Enjoy Planting!

PC: Leah Covelli

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