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What’s Trending?

No need to worry about how to say  and pronounce “where’s the quinoa” in the super market anymore, because this new ingredient is practically taking it off the shelves. Ever hear of Sorghum? Probably not, unless you grew up in the south. A couple of generations ago, sorghum was a sweetener primarily used in the South. It was cheap, plentiful and often went by the name of sorghum molasses. This thick golden syrup was used in place of pricier sweeteners. Sorghum is a cereal grain that grows tall like corn, and it is used for a lot more than just sweetening dishes. Here in the United States, sorghum is used as livestock feed and later turned into ethanol. This little beige grain is gaining popularity thanks to its gluten-free and non-GMO status which attracts a major crowd in today’s society. Sorghum can be used like any other whole grain and has already made its way into various cereals, bars and snack products you probably didn’t even know it was in already. This super grain can even be popped like popcorn or cooked into your favorite risotto. Now the next challenge, find it in your local super markets. However for this ingredient one may need to go to a special healthy market or a whole foods store. Let’s get cooking!

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