What’s Hot?

What’s Hot?

The top food trends for 2017 

Even though the year has just begun, the predictions and trials have been made for what’s going to be hot this year in the food world! Let’s get started …

  1. More Bowls – Wondering what we mean by that? It’s simple! Remember last years major trend, the acai bowl? Well, than we had the poke bowl, and now it seems to be the latest trend. If it fits in a bowl and you can add rice to the dish, it’s a item on the menu. Some may call this dish, bibimbap. Bibimbap is a Korean dish, the word means simply, “mixed rice”. Some may think this dish is like a casserole or shepherds pie. However, for those veggie lovers, it’s a whole new way of eating!  The main goal to this dish, feeling fuller faster, easier to eat & great on the go.
  2. Bye Bye Kale – Yes, i know you’re all wondering how come the worlds biggest health ingredient is getting kicked off the shelves, but here’s why. According to food providers like Whole Foods, consumer packed kale is no good for us. When going to the food store today, there are many more options if you’re looking for healthy vegetables that are also good for reducing food waste.
  3. Home made Condiments – Trending sauces like sriracha, aioli, and flavored mustard are popping up on restaurant menus all over the place, but they’re super easy to make at home!
  4. Healthful Kids Meals – Heading out to dinner tonight with the family? Worried your children will have to suffice with a boring hamburger or hot dog? Don’t worry! Some of the restaurant industry’s hottest trends this year involves children’s items and ways to add flavor into their dishes and bring out those nutritious flavors. These ingredients include, whole grains, vegetables, oven-baked items and even entrée salads. Not saying pizza and hamburgers are being kicked off the menu, just enhanced with more options!

Let’s see where the year takes us!