Mushroom Facts

Mushrooms aren’t just found in the food store if you didn’t know this already. This tasty fungi is grow all over just like other fresh produce. However typically not in a farm. The types of mushrooms grown are endless. But for this post, we’ll keep it simple and let you know the top 10 mushroom you need to know about!

1. Chanterelle – Are known for their striking golden color. They are delicate in flavor and texture, work well as an entrée topping.

2. Cremini – Also sold as baby Portobello, are just a more mature white button mushroom.

3. Morels – This mushroom is super savory and delicious. Looks like a dead honeycomb.

4. Portobello – This mushroom is the most mature stage of the white button mushroom. It’s mild in flavor, but has a meaty texture.

5. Enoki – Look very similar to bean sprouts. However, very crisp & great in soups and salads.

6. Shiitake – They are savory and meaty. shiitake mushrooms can be used to top meat dishes and to enhance soups and sauces

7. Oyster –  They are simple to prepare and offer a delicate and sweet flavor.

8. Button – Also known as white mushrooms, button mushrooms are the most common type you’ll find in the supermarket.

9. Porcini – A meaty mushroom similar to the Portobello, the porcini is often used in Italian cuisine.

10. Hen of the Woods – Crazy name for a mushroom right? I know. It’s name translates to the dancing mushroom. They’re rich, earthy and pretty dreamy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.25.48 PMChanterelle mushrooms