A day in the City

A day in the City

Spent this past Tuesday out and about in the big apple with some great people. After a days full of shopping, we were bound to get hungry at some point right? Stuck around downtown Manhattan all day, mainly in SoHo and Tribeca area. Who could complain about that …

We started at Aunt Jake’s for lunch

A bright, vibrant, contemporary spot right on Mulberry Street in the heart of Little Italy. Your pasta, your sauce, you decide! Don’t get me wrong, they do delicious dishes like Braised Lamb, and Lemon Chicken. But how could one not order a fresh hand-made pasta dish when at Aunt Jake’s? Decided to order my favorite type of pasta, Cavatelli mixed with Alla Vodka sauce. To make this dish even more filling, I added grilled chicken to it. It was so worth it! You’d think for hand-made, fresh pasta it’d be an arm and a leg for a dish, but it wasn’t! The bread served for the table was also fresh garlic bread sticks … i know, i know, your mouths watering huh? If you’re in the area or 7 states away, it’s worth the trip. Check our Aunt Jake’s today, Chef Carmine won’t disappoint.

Oh and did we mention we had the White Sangria …

We than ended our day at SoHo park for a quick pick me up before heading back to reality. Two handmade cocktails well worth it. Not pricey at all & full of flavor. From the fresh mint leaves to the freshly squeezed lemons. It’s a counter service restaurant just incase you were wondering why no one comes to ask you what you’d like when seated. They even make house made dipping sauces for whatever you’d like! Cool right?


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