Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

From the traditional avocado on toast, to the new fancy ways to change-up this simple delicious meal, the ways are endless. We’re breaking down our top favorites of Avocado Toast. Let us know which ones your favorite!

The Traditional 

  • Slice of bread toasted (bread of your choice) topped with fresh avocado spread with simple kosher salt & black ground pepper to bring out those tasty flavors.

The Brunch Special 

  • Just by adding a sunny side up egg onto the toast, it brings this dish’s presentation up ten points and flavor an extra twenty! For that extra kick, feel free to add crushed red pepper flakes and fresh parsley to finish.

The Meat Lover

  • For this next option, it’s definitely more filling and flavorful. Simply add pieces of grilled chicken to your toasted avocado slice and enjoy! For extra flavor, we added lemon zest.

The Vegan

  • Looking for something filling but without the meat? Don’t worry! Try this simple avocado toast topped with fresh strawberries & your choice of cheese (soy).

Feel free to serve these delicious options as breakfast, Sunday brunch, or even a simple snack. They’re definitely a dish to impress others with if that’s what you’re worried about! Let us know which one you try!

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