Let it Melt

Let it Melt

It’s almost the end of Summer & September’s almost here. Which means one last final BBQ hurrah. Labor Day weekend seems to be the final, summers over party & who can end their summer without a delicious s’more. Or in our case, s’mores …

What’s your favorite way to S’more?

Yes, there’s more than one way to have this delicious treat other than over a bonfire in the woods! Try out the trendy s’more casserole. That’s right, you can make your favorite dessert into a casserole easy! Simply by laying each ingredient into a cake pan & baking to perfection. Once finished, dip right into it with your favorite graham crackers & enjoy!

What you’ll need …

Step 1: Pour chocolate chips into skillet or oven safe pan.
Step 2: Cover chocolate chips with large marshmallows.
Step 3: Place pan into oven for approximately 8-10 minutes.
Step 4: Remove from oven when toasty-brown.
Step 5: Grab graham crackers and start scooping!

Or … keep it simple with the traditional marshmallow over a fire in the woods … on the beach or in your backyard! Just be sure to get to it before summers almost over!

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