Jerry & the Mermaid

Jerry & the Mermaid

Today’s catch of the day is from Jerry & the Mermaid in Riverhead, Long Island. If you’ve ever been down to the well-known Riverbed Aquarium than you’ve defiantly been to or at least seen Jerry’s! Be sure to ask what the catch of the day is when dining there. Last weekend was fresh Halibut but I’m a sucker for their Wild Salmon so I just had to order it. Don’t worry, there’s more than just fish on the menu to choose from. Their wings are to die for. So make sure to get some appetizers when you stop by!

Wild VS. Fresh

When ordering fresh salmon from any restaurant always make sure to ask if the fish is farm or wild. Why you ask?  Wild salmon is caught in the wild, in its natural environment. For example, oceans, rivers and lakes. But half of the salmon sold worldwide comes from so-called fish farms, also known as aquaculture. Whereas wild salmon eats other organisms found in its natural environment, farmed salmon is given a processed high-fat feed in order to produce larger fish. Wild salmon contains more minerals. Farmed salmon is higher in Vitamin C, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fatty acids and calories. Personally, if there’s an option between Farm or Wild at any restaurant always go for Wild!

Did we mention they have Karaoke every Friday,

Including  late night dining (with full menu).




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