Welcome to Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn

Have you heard of Brooklyn’s latest edition? If you haven’t than you’re just missing out! But don’t worry, it’s only been around for a couple of months now. The place we’re talking about is CIRCA! Circa is a wood-fired pizza restaurant and brewery in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, NY. We recently had the privilege of checking out this new spot & let’s just say it’s definitely worth the visit!

The Decor

Ever been to a place where the beer is brewed right in front of you, the wines on tap & Bruce Springsteen is on the radio? Well, now you have! From the shufflepack table in the dining room to the wrap around bar, the scene is definitely different but perfect for Downtown Brooklyn!

What to Eat

We only planned on grabbing drinks at Circa but we just couldn’t help ourselves! So with a couple of beers down the hatch & a glass of wine (on tap) later, we found ourselves ordering the creamy & delicious Mac & Cheese. Wondering what’s so special about Circa’s Mac & Cheese … we got you covered! It’s filled with fontina, gorgonzola, sharp cheddar, provolone, fennel pollen, rosemary, & topped with breadcrumbs. We know, that’s a lot to handle… so why not come try it out for yourself?

You won’t be sorry …

Check it Out

For more on this hot new spot in Downtown Brooklyn, check it out including their Menu, Location & Drink menu below!




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