We’re Back

We’re Back

It’s that time of the year again … San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, NYC. So where else would we end up other than our favorite pasta joint, Aunt Jake’s! This year we actually attended the festival for three weekends in a row! Which if you ask me is every weekend it’s going on! For us this festival is better than NYC Restaurant week, but shh we didn’t say that.

Where We Ended Up

Let’s see … after blocks and blocks of street food, sangria, and cannolis, we had to pick a spot at some point for some real dinner. Personally, our favorite is any pop up truck with pepper steak & onion on a roll, but sometimes you have to change it up right? So for our first big sit down dinner, we ended up at our favorite Little Italy spot, Aunt Jake’s! If you recall our previous post about this hot spot, we got the cavatelli pasta with Alla vodka sauce & grilled chicken. Well, it was so good the last time we figured why not go for round two! Another busy spot we found our selves at during the festival, was Capri! It was such a beautiful night, that we sat outside & enjoyed a variety of appetizers & well, lots and lots of sangria. Well worth it!

Let us know

Where did you end up for this years San Gennaro Festival? What was your favorite spot?  Share your favorite photos from this years festival with the hashtag, #StayInTheVISION to be featured on our Instagram today!

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