Prospect Hill Orchards

Prospect Hill Orchards

Where’s everyone’s favorite spot for apple picking this fall? This past weekend I traveled upstate towards Newburgh, NY. Definitely worth the short trip for a day in the fields. The variety of apples was definitely impressive & the size of the land was just perfect. Surprisingly everything was so cheap too! So who could complain with that. You get to fill up your own bucket with a variety of apples, from golden delicious to gala apples. Choices are endless.

More than just apples

Getting bored of just picking apples? Don’t worry! There’s plenty of fun for the whole family to join in on! From the free hay ride, yes FREE, or the home-made donuts starting at 25 cents a piece! Even though your minds on the fresh fruit, you have to try out the donuts! So worth it. So fresh!

Let us know

Where’s your favorite spot to go apple picking? Comment below your favorite sweet spots to check out this fall! Maybe we’ll be there next!

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