Bad Seed Hard Cider

Bad Seed Hard Cider

Happy Fall! Time to break out all those hard ciders & pumpkin spiced drinks! We’re starting out with New Yorks very own Bad Seed Hard Cider! The selection of ciders are endless! Your choice of Dry, Sweet, IPA, IPC, even Coffee! I know what you’re thinking. But yes, that’s right … coffee is an option!

Who / What / Where

For six generations, the Wilklows family have been growing apples in the Hudson Valley. Feel free to take your own personal stroll through the crops yourself! You can even pick some apples that are used to craft their delicious ciders! Awesome right? However act quick, because the farm is open from labor day till Halloween! Speaking of Halloween, you can even go pumpkin picking at the Wilklows Orchard. This fall Bad Seed is even expanding their location with a new Tap room in Brooklyn, NY.

Let us know

What’s your favorite flavor? Did you know their Dry Hard Cider now comes in cans? How convenient right? Let us know in the comments below how you like to enjoy your Bad Seed Cider & if you’ve been to the Tap room before! We’d love to hear your experience!


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