Starting this fall till early February, pomegranates are in season! Not only are they a quick healthy snack, but they’re great for you! The word pomegranate even is interesting! It means, apple with many seeds. Cool right? This super fruit is native to the Middle East & highly popular in the states. Even though the name translates to the apple with many seeds, pomegranates belong to the berry family. Who else loves this delicious fruit?

Did you know?

  • Pomegranates do not contain cholesterol or saturated fats.
  • Pomegranate trees grow in hot and dry climates.
  • Pomegranate trees are grown commercially and domestically (in home gardens).
  • Pomegranate trees can live for over 200 years.
  • Pomegranates can be stored up to 2 months in the refrigerator.

    Ways to use

  • Add Pomegranate Seeds to Drinks
  • Eat Pomegranate Seeds Out of Hand
  • Add Pomegranate Seeds to Avocado Toast
  • Serve Pomegranate Seeds With Olives
  • Add Pomegranate Seeds to Bruschetta
  • Add Pomegranate Seeds to Salads
  • Make Pomegranate Juice