Oh I’m sorry, where you looking for some knock-off purses or chinese food for dinner? Not quite what this next post is about. But let’s began shall we? If you’ve ever been to NYC than you’ve definitely heard of Canal Street in Chinatown/Little Italy. Not only is the street known for its fashion & souvenirs, but it’s variety of food! Wether you’re down Mulberry street in Little Italy, or at a fish market in Chinatown, you can always find something delicious and filling to eat.

Save Money

When living in New York City or even visiting, options are endless when looking for some fresh seafood to whip up. Wether you’re at Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx, or down Canal Street in Manhattan you can always find what you’re looking for at the end of the day! However, when shopping around especially for fish, prices vary everywhere. For example, Chinatown, where most fish cost just 10 percent above wholesale price, is perhaps the cheapest place to buy seafood in New York City. It also has something few other stores carry: live fish. Most customers are concerned about the freshness of the fish displayed on ice packs in open air, as they often are in Chinatown, and not wanting to bother to look into it or buy a piece or two. So they result in going to their usual spots or stores in neighborhoods and paying nearly twice as much for what they could of bought in Chinatown. Many of the outside shops in Chinatown are willing to let you “Smell” the fish before purchasing to test it’s freshness. However, at the Fulton Fish Market, seafoods are priced according to their origin, freshness, size and appearance. So it’s different everywhere you go. All you have to do is ask!


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