The Riverhead Cider House

The Riverhead Cider House

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to wake up than with some hard apple cider to start the day am I right? It’s going to be a long day full of delicious food, family and friends, so we wanted to make sure to start off on a high note! By that we mean, a cider/beer tasting for $10.00! Who could resist? Let’s get started …

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It’s simple really, once walking in & talking with one of the lovely bartenders, we decided on the four to taste test for an easy $10.00. We choice three ciders and one delicious beer! Those being, the Pear, Annie, Cranberry Ciders, and the Great South Bay Blonde Ambition beer (on tap). Let’s just say, it was the best four choices ever! Each full of such bright and festive flavors, great for this time of the year. But don’t worry, when your full from cider there’s a cafe with all sorts of goodies to choose from. We’ll be sure to attach their menu below for you to feast your eyes on for your trip to the Cider House!


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