Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

With the Holiday season still in full effect, especially this week in particular, you always want to please all of your guest … well, most of them! With that in mind, why not shoot for a variety platter that will have everyone running back for more. In the end, this platter is truly whatever you put your mind too! Let’s get started …

The Right Stuff

Honestly for our tray in particular, we worked with what he had in the kitchen. Literally. Personally, I wish we had one more variety of crackers, some grapes and just used a bigger tray in the end. But hey, there’s always next time right? Take a look below to get an idea of how to create your own personal platter for your next big party!


Our final platter consisted of a variety of cheeses (swiss/cheddar) celery, tomatoes, nuts, variety of crackers, olives & big bowl of humus.