Taco Delicatessen

TACO Delicatessen

Have you been to Brooklyn’s latest hot spot? Or should we say spots! Located in the basement of the DeKalb Mall is the all new DeKalb Market Hall! Full of options that can leave you breathless and wanting it all! With over 40 plus restaurant pop-ups to choose from, we found ourselves at our guilty pleasure, Mexican cuisine. None other than TACO Delicatessen. Did you know they have two locations in the city? Featuring an ALL-in house- Smoked & Roasted Meats Menu: Brisket, Pastrami, Roasted chicken, Lamb al pastor and Smoked hot dogs with bold latino flavors such us cilantro, salsa verde, chipotle, smoked pickled jalapeno.


Want a quick break down of what to choose from before you’re in food heaven? Click the link below to check out the full list of all the cuisine to choose from!


Have you been?

From the forty plus restaurants to choose from, what’s your favorite spot at the DeKalb Market? Let us know in the comment section below!