Something New

Something New

Welcome back! We’re back with all new recipes, food facts, reviews and so much more. Did we mention it’s all week long! But first, we’re starting with something we’ve never shared on our page before! An all vegan review! For those in the New York City area be sure to check out Two Tablespoons Pop-Up restaurant located in Manhattan & Brooklyn! Two Tablespoons was created by a few friends in 2012 out of their passion for cooking and kitchen experiments. They’re dedicated to making healthy wholesome vegetarian and vegan food from scratch, breaking the stereotype that healthy food is boring. So with that being said, we took that to the test …

Two Tablespoons



Our Biggest Regret

If you’re as invested as we are in Two Tablespoons, you already see that their Veggie Burger is nothing to play with! I mean come on … it’s on a vegan and gluten-free patty served on a whole wheat challah or vegan gluten free bun with pesto, pickles. kale and cabbage salad! Who could say no to that? Sadly, we did. However we still chose the second best today. We ended up with their Green Market Macro Bowl. Filled with, chickpea and potato stew, quinoa, brussel sprouts and cauliflower, kale and a simple cabbage salad. So delicious, so filling.



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