The Latin Aphrodisiac

The Latin Aphrodisiac

• Happy Valentines Day •

Happy Valentines Day to all you food lovers out there today! Don’t worry whether you have a partner or not, you’ll always be in a relationship with food! For today’s special occasion, we’re checking into New York City’s latest hot spot in the West Village, Due West. That’s right! Located right where the old Diablo Royale space was is this new-found Gastropub right off of west 10th street. A cozy yet elegant vibe that keeps you coming back for more each time!

Party Time

Have your party here! Due West may have just opened, but the hype is real for this new Gastropub. During the week it’s known for its intimate dinner settings. Offering dishes like, octopus with sunchokes and meyer lemon or their sharable hot crab dips. However, walk in on a friday or saturday night and you’ll forget it’s even a restaurant! Drinks are flowing and the bar is in full effect. Did we mention the variety of food the menu offers? Wether you’re feeling fancy for some crudo and caviar or just want a delicious yet simple burger and fries, options are endless at Due West!

Behind the Scenes

We’re in the kitchen with Executive Chef Adabis Castro for one of their catered parties here at the restaurant. They kept the menu very simple yet very elegant for this exclusive party. Mini sliders, ceviche, and beef tartar, just to name a few of the options to choose from. Don’t belive us, take a look for yourself!


Checking In



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