Staying FIT

Staying FIT

Who said eating healthy has to be so hard? We’re checking into Long Islands health spot today and for all of you gym freaks out there, this is a post you’re going to want to stick around for! If you love the food as much as we do, than be sure of checking out their custom meal preps they offer online and in store! Located out east in Holbrook, NY is their first of hopefully many locations to come.

We just can’t decide

So many options to choose from the moment you walk in the door. Of course like everywhere else we go, we walked in craving something and left with the complete opposite. But all in good health am I right? See what we did there …

Anyways, it’s a very custom menu if you ask us. With starting with your choice of a sandwich, or rice/salad bowl, the fun begins. Whether you’re craving falafel, steak or roasted chicken like we were that day, you than choose from a variety of vegetables and toppings. Such as, chickpeas, a black bean and corn medley, feta cheese, and so much more deliciousness! We’ll let you see the rest of the options for yourself.



Place your order NOW

Don’t forget to pick up your custom Hummus FIT meals today. For more on the menu options and how to, we attached their information below. You’ll thank us later!


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