The Perfect Sear

The Perfect Sear

We’re back in the West Village at Due West. Our new favorite Gastro Bar. This time we’re trying what’s new on the menu from Sous Chef Jeffrey Rodriguez. Diving right into their new delicious Scallops. I mean who could resist these perfectly seared bite sized scallops? Finished with fresh chives, pickled grapes, daikon radish and scallop jous before headed to the table to devour.

Did you know

Like the rest of the food world, Due West is in the mist of changing up the menu due to the change in seasons. Spring is almost here and that means all new flavors. Along with their change in menu, brunch will begin in less than two weeks! Will you be stopping by?  Be sure to send us a photo to be featured! All these new options, from their local cheese board to their seared scallops, but now brunch too! Be sure to wear your eating pants when you stop in for a bite.


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