Salon Restaurant by SUCRÉ

Salon Restaurant by SUCRÉ

Happy Spring break everyone! For our vacation spot this year we picked none other than Gumbo heaven, New Orleans, LA. It was our first time venturing out there, but definitely not our last! We’d love to know everyone’s favorites spots down on bourbon street or even outside the city. Let us know in the comments below! Now let’s get back to our new favorite brunch spot shall we?

Bottomless Mimosas

If you know anything about New Orleans, you know the nights are long and the mornings are late. So we found ourselves skipping breakfast often and going straight to lunch. But for this day in particular, we found this cute yet elegant spot Salon Restaurant by SUCRÉ. Once we saw the bottomless mimosas till 3:00pm, we were hooked! I mean come on, who wouldn’t be? The lower level of the restaurant is a mouth-watering bakery. Filled with chocolates and sweets heaven. The upper level, including the outside balcony is where the real food begins.

What’s Cooking?

Once the mimosas were flowing, it was time to order. The menu offers something for everyone really … Baked French Onion Soup, Cheese Board, Mac + Cheese, Beet Salad, Fish & Chips & so much more. However, for ourselves we were craving a piece of home and ended up getting the caprese sandwich and a pasta dish topped with jumbo shrimp, cherry tomatoes and fresh arugula.



Did you know?

Before heading back to the Big Apple, we stopped in a few gift shops in the airport & spotted pre-packaged SUCRÉ sweets all over the airport. Crazy right? We were sure to take some treats home for our friends to try the heavily chocolates.

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