Let’s Tauk About It

Let’s Tauk About It

We’re back at one of our favorite Montauk spots this summer! The 668 Gig Shack right in the heart of Long Islands very own town of Montauk. If you know what we’re talking about please feel free to let us know your favorites on the menu in the comment section below. Until then, let’s jump right into our check-in! Oh, and yes they’re open for lunch and dinner! You’re welcome.

For the Table

How can someone ever come here alone, or even just with one friend. This spot is the best for fun groups ready to try some delicious dishes. However, if there’s only a small group of you, start off with the humus platter! You won’t be disappointed. A variety of fresh veggies to choose from alongside the delicious humus.

Yes, i’ll have a …

Wether you’re looking for a classy glass of prosecco or an island inspired margarita, the Gig Shack is the place to be. Did we mention there’s a good chance live music will be going on during your visit? Well, now you know! From the bite size lamb sliders, to the organic grilled chicken sandwich, we’ve tried it all here. However, if you’re looking to go big, pick the lobster roll! You won’t be disappointed. The dish even comes with a house made slaw and chips. YUM!


Menu & More


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