Just a Taste

Just a Taste

What better way to kick off the fall season than a hard cider tasting out east. We’re checking into Long Islands famous fall hot spot, Woodside Orchards. Located right on route 25 in Aquebogue. We almost forgot to mention the best, or should we say sweetest part of the whole day on the farm. They make donuts in-house, fresh.

The Tasting

After devouring a bag full of donuts, it was time to get down to business. The real reason we stopped by, the hard cider tasting. Let us just say it’s six drinks for the price of one in reality. So the tastings a steal if you ask us! The tasting came with a line up of 4 refreshing hard ciders and fruity flavors. Your typical traditional Sweet, Apple Raspberry, Cinnamon Apple, Apple Ginger, Traditional Cider and finally, Lemon Apple. Our personal favorite though, the Apple Ginger. So we obviously saved that one for last, oh and with one last donut!


Quick Tip

Did you plan on stopping by this festive spot? If so, don’t forget to bring your own empty growler for a fair trade at the bar or even as a gift! You decide. Just be sure not to leave empty-handed. Remember, they have donuts …

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