NY Strips

NY Strips

For tonight’s dinner, we’re keeping it simple yet delicious as always. One of our weekly clients favorites is your traditional steak and potatoes for the family. So we figured why not, but always with a twist!

We simply substituted the baked potato with steak fries, topped with a medley of spices for that extra kick! Roasted off broccoli florets mixed with good olive oil and minced garlic, and picked up some beautiful New York Strips from the butcher in the neighborhood. So easy but so filling!

Chef Notes: 

Steak Sauce? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Put away that A1 sauce or your go-to BBQ sauce.

Your perfectly cooked steak is waiting to be carved and you glance at the now-empty pan from cooking your steak. Luxe browned bits of steak drippings cling to the pan. Perhaps there’s a little bit of butter and some fragrant herbs left in the pan like ours. Don’t waste it! With a little broth or red wine, a few aromatics, even mustard, and a pat of cold butter you could have your own home-made steak sauce at your hands tonight!

Simply by,

  1. Deglazing the pan in your choice of wine or broth with the pan at a high heat.
  2. Reduce your liquid in the pan.
  3. Add an emulsifier, this being your choice of mustard to thicken the sauce.
  4. Add fat, this being your cold butter, thus mounting your sauce with a whisk.
  5. Enjoy!


Roasted Broccoli finished with minced Garlic & good olive oil

Baked Steak Fries topped with a medley of spices



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