Started in May 2015, VISION was founded by Dominic J Halbert. An aspiring young Chef and at the time a student at Johnson & Wales University . Since than, VISION has received recognition from non other than family and friends but other major names like Chrissy Teigen, Chef David Burke, The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL, EATER, DEVOUR POWER, just to name a few! VISION started out with a simple Instagram page to share our recipes with friends and family and in just a of couple years we have done multiple merchandise collections, given a portion of our revenue to major food charities for those in need, gone international with our website & left all of our customers fat and happy with our services. Starting this year, we’re offering in-home personal chef services for those in the NYC area. When we’re not in the kitchen, we’re on the streets tasting the next hot thing. (Literally) Have a restaurant you want us to check out? Shoot us a message! We love hearing your feedback. So STAY IN THE VISON & let our food do the talking!

For Inquires: visionofficially@gmail.com

Founder & CEO: Dominic J Halbert


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